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About ILI

In the 21st century, every educator needs to be a leader.  Educators of color developing themselves to be leaders in independent schools will need finely honed intellectual and management skills, but transformational leaders are also skilled at managing their emotions and their relationships with people.

The purpose of the Interschool Leadership Institute (ILI) is to provide professional development for educators of color looking to grow their social and emotional IQ and to support the next generation of leaders of color in independent schools.  While parts of the Institute will be dedicated to developing nuts-and-bolts management skills, the bulk of our work will be engaging in dialogue with each other and experts in fields of education, psychology, and organizational leadership to better understand ourselves in our relationships to others in the workplace. Our goal at ILI is to support educators of color in developing the resilience, the problem-solving strategies, and the leadership skills that will make you more effective at enhancing your experience of your work environment for yourself as well as your students, parents, and colleagues.

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